Search Engine Optimisation or SEO - an Overview

Your web site is up and running - but nobody is visiting it... 

Basically just putting your web site online and waiting for customers will seldom work. To give your web site the attention it deserves, a number of essential steps must be taken.

  • We submit your web site to the major search engines so that they send their robots (programs which scan your web site content frequently). If your business critically needs to be present on the web instantly, then we can organise paid inclusions for you. 
  • We check and adjust the content of your pages in co-operation with you. For a successful Search Engine Optimisation, your web site should have a rich text content. Generally search engines are looking for text and not for nice pictures. Imagine you have rented a shop at an expensive part of the town and just fill your shopping window with a big poster "Please Enter". Some of your customers will enter, but more will get interested, if you let them know precisely what you are selling. The home page of a web site is the most important of all pages and should not be wasted by graphics only - this being one of the most important "secrets" of Search Engine Optimisation or in short SEO. 
  • We analyse the keywords included in your web site's text and will suggest new keywords to add. Keywords are what people are typing into the search bar of search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing and others. An example is Byron Bay as a keyword. For local businesses in the Byron Bay area , Byron Bay is an important keyword. So within the SEO process for a local site it is a good idea to use Byron Bay many times in your text. But watch out not to repeatedly use Byron Bay in sentences only created for the purpose to promote the word Byron Bay - the search engines might punish you for that effort. On the other hand you could decide to go for the Australian market, pushing the keywords Australia and Australian to give you an Australian wide presence. We will assist you in finding out what your customers will possibly input into the search engines to reach your services. Our Search Engine Optimization process will frequently adjust the number and type of keywords in cooperation with you.
  • We will make sure that your web site contains all necessary Meta Tags and other information that is invisibly hidden in your web site's code. This Search Engine Optimization process is essential for success. 
  • Monitioring your website is an essential part of the SEO process. We will monitor all of the important search engines frequently about your ranking and we monitor your web site's performance and report to you frequently. An SEO process takes normally at least 3 - 6 month, and while your web site is performing better and better we keep you informed about necessary adjustments and the overall performance.
  • We will look for useful external links pointing to and from your site. This SEO process will improve your web popularity and thus your ranking within the search engines. This is an often delicate business, because in the worst case your web site could be banned by Google & Co for some time if you don't comply with specific rules. 
  • If you need more traffic and can afford a monthly advertising budget then we recommend Google AdWords as a means of further improving your site's performance. This can be very helpful when your web site had a fresh start and you do not have time to wait until your site shows up at the top positions. Google AdWords can be a fantastic complementary strategy for Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Our SEO process will help you to be locally presented in Google Maps. If somebody is looking for your services for instance in the Byron Bay area, your company can be found in GoogleMaps. 

We are around - whether you are in Byron Bay, Mullumbimby, or in the Northern Rivers Region of New South Wales - we can help with our Search Engine Optimization strategies to give you the customers and the traffic on your web site you deserve. If you are in Byron Bay or Mullumbimby we are happy to come to your business for an introductory talk about SEO. If your company is outside Byron Bay anywhere in Australia then drop us a line or give us a call and we will contact you about SEO Search Engine Optimisation.